The Revamp


Has it really been almost A YEAR!?!? As I was going through and changing the logo, updating social media, and etc. I realized that the last time I actually posted a blog, was July 2019.

I wouldn’t say I didn’t have anything to write about, I just wasn’t in a place to do so. Sometimes you have to take time, dig deep, and reconnect with you before you can produce. That’s what I’d like to think I did.  Nevertheless, we’re back with a few changes.

As you can see, this is no longer The Briggs Life. For the life of me couldn’t figure out what the name of the site would be once I got married. After all, it could no longer be The Briggs Life, considering I’m no longer a Briggs.  For now, as far as I’m concerned, you’ll always be the BRIGGade.

Some things just don’t change.

Now, if you’re looking for some of the old posts, I’ve archived them. People subscribed to the blog will have access to them via password that I will send if needed. When I say if needed, I mean if I choose to reference an old post, within a new post.  I realized I’ve been writing since 2010. So a clean-up of the blog was long overdue. I guess it was like spring cleaning.

Now that I’ve cleaned house, let’s get into this name change.

For those who’ve followed me for a while, you may remember a while back in 2019 I was in search of a scripture. I was looking for a scripture that felt like me, for lack of better words. I actually ended up finding two:

Deuteronomy 14: 2 “For you are a holy people (set apart) to the lord your God; and the Lord has chosen you to be a peculiar people to Himself, above all the nation on the earth.”

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

These two scriptures led me to change my name on IG to The Peculiar Light. With that being said, I asked myself how I could tie this into my blog.  After taking time to think and praying on it, I arrived here.


Rays of the Peculiar Light-01

It’s my hope that as I continue to share my light with you, that you’ll be encouraged and inspired to shine yours in whatever capacity you’ve been called to do so.

This my friends, is what we call a new beginning.

Welcome back!



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