Death To Imposter Syndrome

Hey Friends!

I hope this post finds you in great health. I’ve been slacking yet again. Let me be the first to admit that I’ve been consistently inconsistent, and I know I need to do better. See here’s the thing, living in the middle of this pandemic, constantly working to be my best self, mastering motherhood, along with growing in marriage, being an essential worker, and heck, just growing in general.


I just for the life of me couldn’t find or make the time to do this. To sit, block out the world, and write. If I can be honest, I really had to find that part of me again. The part of me, that’s committed to me. Committed to my craft. Committed to MY way of expressing the many thoughts I keep. I had to dig deep y’all.

I admit for a little bit, I battled imposter syndrome. More so on the side of, doubting my ability to deliver in this manner. I struggled with the “There’s a bunch of bloggers out there, maybe I should do something different.” So much so, I almost vowed to never write in this manner again.

Literally scrolling on Facebook the other day a little spark of encouragement came my way. I don’t recall what all the post said, but it said something regarding forgiving yourself for being inconsistent. I knew at that moment, I had to fight to get back. I mean, you know the saying or the story that people tell about all the different types of breads on the bread isle. Well, friend, I just baked another loaf. Just put my craft back on the market.

I had to refocus and recenter. Remembering that there may be a million bloggers, but there’s only one me. My craft won’t look like the next persons, and that’s ok. Even with that, my blog may be for some but, it won’t be for all.


With that being said, let me reintroduce myself; not only to my new followers but to those of you that think you know me:

Hi I’m Helen Hargrove, this is a blog where my intentions are only to share the light. That’s right, I’m forever searching for the good in life’s hard moments. I know that life can be hard, but I also know that we’ve been called to the mountains that we are confronted with. That’s right, you were made to show someone that the mountains CAN BE MOVED! I hope that while following this blog you laugh, learn, and find the light in your own situations.

Until next week!

❤ HH

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