The Ultimate Rebrand

Hey Friends!

It’s a new week and we’ve made it to this space. Let us give Him praise! No, really! Because with the way my inconsistency has been in the past, I have to celebrate the small wins. And for me to intentionally make it into this space, will forever be a win.

A couple weeks ago my friend Keeyama shared with the world, how God had specifically spoken to her, regarding her brand. And I was sooo inspired. More importantly, I knew God was speaking through her. Little did she know or maybe she did, the very message she was delivering wasn’t just meant for her. God needed to remind me too.

As I said last week, imposter syndrome is real. I was so busy trying to figure out how to revamp my “brand” and how to grow my “brand” that I wasn’t realizing that this platform may be apart of my “brand,” but it does not define my “brand,” in its entirety.

To be exact, this is what Keeyama said:

“MY BRAND. B-blood. R-relationships/relatives. A-ancestry. N-nearest and dearest. D-descendants/dynasty. That is my husband. My babies. My mom, dad, siblings. My family. My best friend. My sisters/brothers in Christ. my childcare facility. The community. The world. YOU. You see so many times we get so tunnel visioned, so focused on what CAN be or WILL be. But forget about what IS. What’s here, in front of us. Sacrificing for us. Supporting us. Playing behind the scenes for us. Loving us. Growing with us and FOR us. Stressing, worrying, digging, deep and PRAYING for us. Because we are just focused on US! but what would it look like if we just paused. Took deep breathes (and a complete heart check of ourselves) and focused on the right now. We would REALLY be fulfilled, completely… within. Not externally, but internally! Not a strive to the next thing but a fed soul!”

Keeyama Mumford

God used Keeyama to get me all the way together! It really made me sit and think about what I’m considering as my brand. I mean after all family is my first ministry. I haven’t forgotten that, but surely I needed to refocus on the now vs what will/can be. I realized so often, I’m focused on the generational curses that I want/need to break, that I haven’t realized how many I’ve already checked off the list.

We all want to be “somebody” but maybe it’s true, we put too much emphasis into trying to be instead of BEING. Let me be clear, Keeyama’s message haunted me. Every time I looked at my family, walked into our home, or allowed my mind to drift to what I wanted to be doing, I heard the small whisper of “this is it.” “This is where your focus should be,” “Dig deeper, here.” If I can be honest, I was quite sick of it. lol

Simply because I felt that I’d been giving my family all of me. So much so, I felt I barely had enough time or energy, to give to myself or anything outside of that. Truth is, sometimes we all get off track. Even when we think we’re doing what we’re supposed to, sometimes we miss the mark.

But the most important piece in missing the mark is realizing the correction needed, and pressing onward. It’s true, you gotta know what’s in you, and remember who’s in you, cannot fail.

So I’ve decided to tap all the way. Tapping in to what matters most. Keeping God first so that i can continue to pour more into these tiny humans, and of course into the king of our household. Being more present in the now, while our future plays out accordingly. After all, it has to. God said it, so it is so.

This my friend, is the ultimate rebrand. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Until next week.

❤ HH

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