Delete. Delete. Delete.

Hey Friennndddsss!!

Happy New Year! I pray you all took safe measures to bring in the new year. I had all intentions of staying up after church to see the clock strike 12. Let’s just say I blinked, and it was 3:30a. Sometimes it happens that way.

Last week before the new year came, I decided to clean up my IG. After all I had almost four thousand pictures/posts. Going back through them was a little torturous. It’s crazy how the mind never forgets.

I had at least 9 years of posts/pictures. Dare I say at least 4-5 years of hurt. 🥴 Yeah you read that correctly.

It was a punch to the gut, to go back through those post. To remember every feeling and/or experience I had at that time. To see the post and wish I had done better. Or wish I had gone with my instinct. I have so much I could tell my younger self. For the sake of time, I simply say this:

“Baaaabbbyyyy, continue to pressssss onnnnnn.”

Sometimes self talk is encouraging yourself to stay focused. I don’t regret my past at all, but I’d be lying if i didn’t admit that, going through the old post had me feeling a way. Definitely could’ve been a rabbit hole of emotions.

In the midst of me deleting things, and my thoughts beginning to roll, the Holy Spirit stepped in like “Aht Aht, don’t even try it. That’s baggage, let it go.”

Philippians 3:13-15 came to mind.

“ I do not consider brethren, that I have captured and made it my own [yet]; but one thing I do [it is my aspiration]: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to why lies ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward. So let those [of us] who are spiritually mature and full grown have this mind and hold these convictions; and if in any respect you have a different attitude of mind, God will make that clear to you also.”

Philippians 3:13-15

That small voice gathered me real quick. I refuse to get caught up on things I can’t change. The things of the past have come and gone. There’s nothing I can do to change them. After all, those very things made me who I am today.

I don’t know if I’ll ever go through Facebook, but for now, cleaning up IG was enough. It’s true that sometimes, you just need to delete crap and move on. No receipts needed. (Maybe LOL)

What I can say is, there’s no need of holding on to things that remind you of hurt. Or things that trigger you. Cleaning out IG has me feeling a bit ambitious. Maybe I’ll clean out my photos and delete some screenshots next.

I challenge you to clean out some things that may be taking up space literally and figuratively. Let this year be baggage free.

And if you just so happen to have a lot of bags that are taking up space, tackle them one at a time. Not that fake sweep it under the rug, and deal with it later type clean up. Really tap in and dig deep and clean out your baggage. You’ll feel much better when you do.

Until next week.

HH ♥️

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