Finger Pointing

Hey Friends!!

Last week was crazy right? I wasn’t at all surprised by the events that took place at the capitol. Or should I say the response of how people were treated, after basically storming in and destroying government property. Of course this is in comparison to how we were treated at the peaceful protest of Black Lives Matter.

We, the black and brown people, can not make this up. If you ever need to see what privilege looks like on a USA scale, please refer back to Jan 6, 2021. Certainly you don’t need to reference anything other than that. Surely it was made clear, and that’s not up for debate.

Anywho, that’s not my focus for today.

You know I’ve been on my growth mission. I’ve been doing the inward work and digging deep. Last week I was catching up on the Woman Evolve Podcast and SJR said something that struck a cord in me.

Can you own being wrong without bringing up someone else’s wrong?

Sarah Jakes Roberts

Her question immediately pulled a response out me. “Oooh. I don’t think I’m there yet.”

That exact question, made me rethink all of my life’s confessions. LOL Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but really tho. I really took a hard look at my ability to own my wrongs.

I’d like to think that I do well at this but equally there are times when I’ve sucked at this. And really, when I think about it, if ever or whenever I suck at this, it’s usually because I feel attacked.

I never really need anyone’s assistance admitting when I’m wrong. But one thing I dislike, is when I perceive someone trying to continually point out my “wrongs” and failing to ever realize the speck in their own eye (Matthew 7:5).

Most likely when this happens, I’ve ran out of cheeks to turn (Mathew 5:39). And when that happens, just know I’m fed up. I guess here is where my issue lies. Once I’ve reached this point, it’s over for you.

LOL jk…. well kinda.

It’s clear that, this is the area I need to work on. My husband and I talk often about how we’re responsible for how we react. Doesn’t matter what a person has done or said, your reaction is your responsibility.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes, you can be triggered by someone else’s actions. And I suppose the goal is to get to a place that no matter what, I’m not moved by someone’s direct actions at or towards me.

And it’s true. Two wrongs , doesn’t make my wrong right. Buuuutttt well, sometimes you get what you’re asking for. I mean that in the nicest way.

But I’m learning, that some tables need to be flipped; others not so much. This year, I’m going to pay closer attention to my actions and reactions. Making sure that when I’m wrong, I’m owning it without justification.

No more finger pointing.

Justification of my wrong, still doesn’t make it right. 🥴 and that my friends is growth in a sentence.

That once sentence was all I came to say.

Until next week.


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