Challenging My Excuses

Hey Friends,

I made it! Well, barely but I’m here in this space yet again. And today I honestly almost didn’t make it. Purposely. I gave myself some pretty valid reasons not to make it into this space.

But God.

Literally, it was like the spirit sent people to say “Aht Aht, get to work.” First it was me being checked/held accountable by my sister friend LOL. The “Have you blocked out any time to write this week?👀” message, got me alllll the way together.

Little did she know, I was already planning my escape. My reason to not be here. My very valid reason to not commit.

And then the reminder that I’m supposed to be challenging my excuses.

Last week my Pastor held a room on clubhouse discussing barriers of success. Or something to that extent. I can’t really remember the title. He gave some points on how to increase our focus. It was simplistic, yet mind blowing. Just the reminder i needed to help me shift my focus.

Obviously the one that stood out most to me, is challenging your excuses. It has actually haunted me. Every time I’ve thought of why I couldn’t do something… specifically pertaining to me, and my goals, I heard a small voice that said “ Challenge your excuses.”

So then the dialogue was:

Me: “I can’t, I have to XYZ“

Small Voice: “Can’t or won’t?”

Me: “I really can’t, If i don’t do this, then it won’t get done.”

Small Voice: “If you don’t, you’ll never get where you want to go.”

Me: “Ok. I can’t right now but I will later.”

Small Voice: “Can’t or are you afraid?”

Me: “🙄 Afraid ooofff?”

Small Voice: “ That on the other side of your excuses, you will be successful.”

Now I’m like “Ok Jesus, say less.”

I mean… maybe there’s some truth in that. Maybe my perceived inability to be consistent in the one thing I’ve been called to do, is just that. My fear of success.

I’ve been distracted with my excuses. Distracted with my fear. And that ends today. I’ve decided to disconnect to reconnect.

For 40 days.

Pray my strength.

I’ll be giving up a few things, but since social media can be such a distraction(when I allow it) it’s on my list too. No social media besides posting for business and church. During this time I’ll be, reading and writing. So yes, I’ll still meet you here, each week. But I’m also going to finish writing a book, that If I’m honest, should’ve been done.

Also, If you’d like to join me, besides the Bible here’s what I’m reading :

I have two more books I’ll be reading but those won’t arrive until this weekend. Maybe I’ll share them next week.

Welp. Let me go be great.

Until next week.

HH ♥️

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