Good Solitude

Hey Friends!

I hope the last week has been good for you. For me, it’s been quite interesting. It’s amazing the type of good solitude you have, when you step away from your phone. More so, social media.

As most of you know, I started my social media fast last week and it’s been quite interesting. 7 days in, and I feel like my mind is finally resting. It isn’t being over worked and/or filled with everyone else’s life.

I don’t know if you ever realized, but the more you scroll, the more of other people’s lives you take in, which in turn takes up mental space. Initially, when I got off, I did wonder how my internet friends were doing. Like did “BIG” post something funny today?,or did “Queen” post something inspiring?!”

And did I mention my Internet nieces and nephews?! How are they?!

My head has been in a few books. I’ve been focusing inwardly. Working on my spirit man, preparing for the good things to come my way. Honestly, I feel like I could quit social media altogether. The only things I would be using it for, is church, to promote my blog, and for my business. Good thing is, there’s a third party app to assist with that. If in fact, I cut my ties.


Back to this good solitude. Since I’m not scrolling, I’ve had more time to reflect and grow. This week, my focus has been on sarcasm. Thanks to the book I shared last week,- “The Forty Day Word Fast,” – I’ve been really paying attention to the times and reasons I’ve used sarcasm to respond.

In the book the author mentions how sarcasm can be referred to as scarcasm. Get it?

Wow! I mean I was completely mind blown by something that is simple, and makes absolute sense. Most of the times, our sarcastic response comes from a hurt place, or an intention to hurt someone else.

I mean, and why else would you intentionally hurt someone else, if you were not first hurt.






Whew. And even if that was not my intentions, surely looking back, I get it. Here I thought I was speaking “the truth,” more so I was just throwing knives.

Sometimes blindly.

I mean this reality really had me like

Of course I began to remember almost every sarcastic statement I’d made in the last week. How quickly I remembered 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

How was any of my scarcasm (sarcasm) edifying?! I feel like God responded:

And now, I’m actually thinking a little more before responding. Double checking my thoughts and perceived quick wit, to make sure I’m actually edifying the person I’m responding or speaking to. Ensuring that I’m not leaking.

Leaking hurt, from the person I’m speaking to and/or from another. Because you know the saying hurt people, hurt people.

Trust me when I say, that’s no longer my story. Or point of reference. I’m being intentional with my words, no matter what. And I know it’s easier said than done, but when the mission is to be whole, you have no other choice.

No more scarcasm (sarcasm) from me. I’m practicing smiling and grinning, in the moments where I can’t determine if quick wit or scarcasm (sarcasm) will come out when I open my mouth. Honestly it’s a thin line.

This has been some good solitude.

Well until next week. 🤐

HH ♥️

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